Monday, July 21, 2008

The Journey Begins . . .

As a new mom, you experience all kinds of new things. Most of them, wonderful moments you never knew existed. Then there are all the things you must learn. Read the books, talk to friends, take the advice . . . but it all comes down to finding your own way and what works best for you. Mom-hood also provides many new challenges. One of the main ones I became aware of right away was organization. It is critical to be organized, especially when leaving the house. No one wants to be caught without a diaper and please don't let me be caught without enough wipes! I was tired of having so many bags of baby's things & my things when I'd go out. Or I'd constantly be switching things back and forth between bags. I knew there had to be a better way and I began a mission to find it, along with the help of my mom. We came up with "The smart new way to carry a diaper bag" and are almost ready to introduce it to the world. I can't say it will change life as you know it completely, but it just might make your day as a mom a little simpler. Join us for our launch- sign up at to be notified when we're ready!

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Sophia M said...

I'm looking forward to your launch.