Friday, September 5, 2008

Cooking for a Cause

Alright, I know this was the topic of Wordless Wednesday, but you can't write about it on Wordless Wednesday. Good thing it's Flexible Friday!
I'd like to introduce you to my mom. She has been cooking her whole life. Some of my favorite pictures of her are of when she was in the 4H Pie Making Contests. She is such a fantastic cook that every year she cooks for my birthday. Now, it's not that my friends don't come over on my birthday to celebrate with me, but I know why they're REALLY there . . . the food! When it starts to roll around I get phone calls like these . . .
"So, is your mom cooking this year?"
"Is your mom going to make that veggie dish?"
"When is your mom making dinner?"
People have asked her for years to put together a cookbook. She finally did. But instead of keeping the profits, she is donating them to the Nicaraguan Mission to send children to school in Nicaragua. (Do you even need to ask if she's a wonderful mother?) It takes $30 to send a child to elementary school for a year, so for every two cookbooks sold, a child will go to school.
Mom, I am so proud of you.
Take a look at Not only will you get some delicious recipes, you'll also be giving the gift of an education.

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