Friday, October 24, 2008

How to Dress Up Your Blog

Who wants a pretty new background?  3 columns? 
Some fun new widgets?

Read on for some tips on dressing up your blog.

Instructions are specific to Blogger, since that is what I know, but ideas on where to find new things for your blog apply to everyone!
  • BASICS-  If you want to change any of the basics, background color, text color, etc.  Go to “customize” “layout” “fonts and colors.”  From there you can change whatever you like.

  • IMAGES- If you already have a website, you’ve probably covered this part already.  If you’re looking for images to make your blog look prettier, cuter, more professional, any of the above, one of my favorite sites is  It is full of photographs, illustrations, etc. from all different artists.  They range from $5-$15 per image or set of images.  It works by buying credits and the lowest amount available is 10 credits for $14.  You can also contact the illustrators you like if you’re looking for custom work.  Some do it and some don’t, and costs vary.

  • GADGETS-  Most of you are probably pretty familiar with this, but to add goodies like pictures, html, and blogger widgets, go to “layout” “page elements” and “add a gadget.”  From there you can add any of the listed widgets.  See my post on how to grab a button if you want to put other sites’ buttons on your blog.

  • COLUMNS- Here’s the big question I get, “How do you make a blog 3 columns?”  There are no Blogger templates that are 3 columns.  You can search for html code to change it yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it without some knowledge of html.  If you do it, make sure you back up your old template.  Also, know that it will erase all of your widgets, including all the buttons you have on your blog.  You’ll need to go back and put them in.

  • WIDGETS-  This is the fun part- adding widgets that make your site easier to use and more interactive.  Do a search for “blogger widgets” or “widgets for blog” and you’ll find many sites with codes for widgets.  A good place to start is

  • RSS and e-mail FEED-  You can set up your feed through blogger by adding a gadget.  I like using a site called Feedburner.  Go to Feedburner and follow the directions to set up RSS feed and/or e-mail feed so that readers can keep track of your new posts.  What is RSS feed?  Check out this article at

  • There are some things you’ll see on my blog that I honestly don’t remember where I figured out how to do them.  Some have been easy and some have been very time consuming.  There are a couple blogging “how to” websites I read regularly for ideas- and

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Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Thanks for the fabulous info!!

hippos toes said...

You always give such great info :)

Coupon Clippin Mommy said...

thanks for the information!

Styles By Shamael said...

i have a blogger site and i would like to know how do i get my extra pages to show up on there own when they are clicked on, when i goto click on my added pages such as my about me, product page, i always see my welcome info top on top of the extra page content instead of just the extra page content alone, i would like for my extra pages to appear like how your tabs are

Unknown said...

Nice article. It is a great idea to change the look of your mom blog every once in awhile, but stay consistant with your brand. As far as fun plugins, I like the sexy bookmark plugin through wordpress. It can really dress up your mombmy log, and does a great job of elliciting comments and sharing from readers.