Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet Carole of Hippos Toes! Launch Day is Here!

Join her on her launch!
Hippos Toes is Officially open!

Tell us a little about you . . .

I am a mom and the founder of Hippos Toes. I have a 20 month old son that is the joy of my life. I also have a very supportive husband that gives me much encouragement along the way. Prior to my new venture launching Hippos Toes, I was an architectural lighting designer. My husband and I owned a lighting design practice where we did commercial lighting design for corporate offices, universities, retail, hospitality, museums and the like. After being in the business over 10 years I basically got burned out. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds. Not to mention I had my son and I just didn’t want to work that many hours or be away from home anymore. I also teach lighting design in the interior design department of an art school.

What is your business and where can we find it?

Hippos Toes is an eboutique that features fair trade children’s clothing that is made in South Africa. You can find me at

Is it mom-owned, invented, created . . .?

Hippos Toes is a mom-owned business. The ladies that make the clothing are mom’s as well so you could say it’s a joint venture. A little about your entrepreneur journey so far? My husband and I visited South Africa a couple of years ago and I came across the Bug Zoo clothing line there. I feel in love with the clothing because it was so unique and unlike anything I had seen before. Since then I have found out the Bug Zoo is fair trade clothing, and that the women that make the clothing are living in disadvantaged areas on South Africa. They have very limited income opportunities in their country and they are mom's like us, trying their best to support their families. Well that became very important to me - I wanted to help them improve their lives. The fact that the clothing is well made, fun and unique, was also an important selling point. I felt if I liked them so much then other's would like them just as much as me, so I developed my eboutique, Hippos Toes to feature their adorable clothing. I have met some incredible people along my journey. I’m amazed at all the social networking sites that are available to help me build relationships with other moms and moms that work from home. It really does help with the isolation of working from home.

Where else can people find you?

My blog:

Twitter: hippostoes

I’m also going to be joining Facebook as well – just haven’t gotten to that one yet.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just that I’m excited about my launch and I hope that you enjoy the clothing as much as I do. Please follow me on my blog or on twitter. I love to meet new people and make new friends.


Unknown said...

Those are some REALLY cute clothes! I love the Warrior Bug shirt for the boys.

Gina said...


I've emailed you twice now, you won a soothing gel eye mask from me, I need to have your info emailed to me by tonight or I'll have to pick another winner :(



Rhonda Gales said...

Cute site. Love he Warrior Bug shirt.

Erin Tales said...

Visit here! Read the post! You have a blog award!

Millie said...

My youngest son would love the "red monster" ;) set!! He loves that little red monster ;)Thank you for the chance to win such a great prize!

Millie said...

I am a subscriber :)

feather said...

I love your models; absolutely adorable. I love the printed leggings and the ruffle top that matches. Really great items.