Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mommy’s Idea Holiday Gift Guide- Personalized Products


Looking for a great way to add a special touch to your home?  Need a great gift for the holidays?  Scribble It has a big selection of pre-designed quotes, sayings and phrases in various sizes and colors.  And if you need something custom made, they do that too!  Take a look at their “Monograms” and their unique “Silhouettes” for a personal touch.  Their gallery is inspiring and will give you all kinds of ideas as you browse through their products!

In their words . . .“Our Scribbles are custom, unique and personalized to fit your style. We use only quality vinyl and it comes to you pre-spaced, with a removable backing, allowing you to apply your entire Scribble at once and not worry about lining each letter individually.”



Looking for a unique gift for a child?  Check out Peeka Productions customized books!  You get to choose the hair color, eye color, and even hair style of the main character.  Your child’s name will be featured throughout the story, with your special dedication in the front.  Give the gift of reading and make it even more special with a book from Peeka Stories!

In their words . . .”The main character looks like your child! If you want your youngster to feel one-of-a-kind, a Peeka Like Me(SM) book is the way to do it. Each book is made for a specific child with his or her name & likeness. Our unique personalized books are adorable just like your children!”

Use code idea15 for a 15% discount valid through the end of the year.



Need a gift for a blogging friend or relative?  Want to say thank you to those bloggers who have helped you out this year?  Take a look at Emila’s blog where she offers custom dollies for $2 each! Couple and family dollies are just a bit more.  You send her a picture, along with your blog address so she can match colors, and let her know what objects you’d like in the picture.  Easy, quick, and a great price!
(From there you can check out her other wonderful products too if you’d like.)



I am always looking for those cute little personal touches to add to a celebration.  Pink Poodle Boutique recently sent me some personalized photo confetti to try out.  Since a friend was celebrating her son’s first birthday, I e-mailed four pictures, my shape and color choices, and two personal messages.  I received the confetti quickly and passed it along for the party.  Not only was my friend thrilled with it, showing everyone she could find, but guests at the party were raving about it and asking where she found it.

A 2 oz. bag has over 1000 pieces and gives you enough to scatter over 2-4 eight foot tables.  What a great idea for celebrations of all kinds- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations . . .

Go take a look at to choose the colors, shapes, messages, and/or photos to make your party or holiday celebration even more special and unique!

Get 25% off your entire purchase. Use coupon code: MomPack.



Looking for a fun, unique way to make the holidays even more exciting for the kids?  Check out Elfing Around to help you create a creative holiday adventure!

In their words . . .”The Parent Adventure Guide Book includes 12 nightly suggested Elf Adventures (with completed Elf Postcards) that you can set up in 5 minutes or less while your child is asleep.  Also included are several blank postcards in case you’d like to create your own unique adventures. When your child awakes the next morning, he or she will experience a “magical scene!”