Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mommy’s Idea Holiday Gift Guide- Clothing & Accessories

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Ltd Chix

The owners of LTD Chix have created a humorous way for moms to be comfortable. Their “Living the Dream” t-shirts cover everything from laundry to being a referee. I was given the “shopping” long sleeve tee, which would become a perfect gift for a friend having her third child.

Comfortable and fun, these shirts will help you smile at your everyday tasks. You’ll have the choice of your favorite design in either a long or short sleeve t-shirt. In their own words, “Being a Mom really is tough sometimes, we’re faced fairly often with some pretty insane and chaotic situations, and WE LOVE IT!  We wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

Check them out at


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Dapper Snappers

Are your kids caught somewhere between sizes? Do you take your chances every time you buy a pair of pants for your child? Introducting Dapper Snappers, with their cute little slogan, “Fix Droopy Drawers in a Snap!” I just love mom-invented products, born out of necessity, and this is one of them. After fighting to keep her son’s pants up, this mom found a better way and created Dapper Snappers!

Very often for us, the length is right, but the waist is too big. I had the chance to try Dapper Snappers and am very pleased with the result. They go on easily, with just a couple snaps and they tighten up the waist just enough to eliminate the problem of “droopy drawers!” It is one size fits all for children ages 9 months to 5 years. They currently come in 9 colors and there is a new line called Snapcessories™.

Check them out at www.dappersnappers.comGet 20% off any order with code miwoomee.


sallies clippies

Sallies Clippies

15% off orders over $20 MOMMYSIDEA and receive a free poinsettia hair clip for every $15!



baby cha cha

Baby Cha Cha

Use coupon code “Open” to receive 10% off your next order at

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