Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Help us Get Ready for Baby Shower Week!


One of my very best friends is having a baby this summer and I’m looking for the best baby shower ideas! 


Here’s how you can join us . . .


Do you have a product or service that would be great for baby showers?  Have you created a great gift for new moms?  Contact me at info[at]mommysidea[dot]com for more info on how you can be a part of our celebration and get some great publicity!


What are your favorite products for new moms?  What is the one essential item you think new moms should have?  Please leave a comment below!


Do you have a unique baby shower idea?  From favors to games, tell us your favorites!  Please leave a comment below.


Join us in mid-June for Baby Shower Week!


Stacey Kannenberg said...

My sister-in-law planned my baby shower over 10 years ago and asked each guest to bring along an unwrapped book, with an inscription inside to start our library! We had over 70 books and my girls, now 7 and 9, still love to read those notes inside the books. Many of our Grandma’s and Great Aunt’s have passed but their words live forever inside these precious books! What a treasure!!!

Today I am now an author and would love to donate my books: Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten! & Let’s Get Ready For First Grade! to your baby shower!

Smiles – Stacey Kannenberg

Dazzled by Diapers said...

I've helped give a lot of baby showers and find that when a lot of women gather together, they would love to do something or create something.

- Buy white onesies and allow everyone to decorate a onesie. Usually women like to work in groups of two or three to do this. Give a prize for the best or most creative design. I've also seen this done with bibs at another shower.

- Baby rooms need art so it's nice to have some creative Moms paint some small canvases. Only provide groups with the colors of the nursery so that everything can still match. Give each group a theme such as alphabet, numbers, colors or animals to paint. *Before inviting women to this type of shower, let them know on the invitation that they will be painting canvases.

- If the baby nursery hasn't been done, you can have guests design it. We just had a shower for a friend and everyone painted a shape on a wall and wrote on the wall.

- If the sex of the baby is known and the baby's name has been choosen, give guests a paper with the baby's name and have them make acrostic poems.