Saturday, August 1, 2009

Diaper Cakes by Becca

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Diaper cakes have become very popular for baby showers because they are an adorable centerpiece and are also useful to the new parents-to-be!  I had the opportunity to have a diaper cake from Diaper Cakes by Becca at my friend’s baby shower.  It was the perfect centerpiece for the cake table and the talk of the party.  It had a soft cuddly stuffed animal, goodies to use when baby arrives, and of course, lots of diapers.  (Bottom picture.)

The best part is that it is also a great gift!  After the baby shower was over, she got to take it home to decorate the nursery.  Even better?  When it’s time, she’ll get to use all the goodies on the diaper cake, including a whole bunch of diapers!

Want to see some of these unforgettable cakes?  Try out Diaper Cakes by Becca.  Becca is easy to work with and will make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.  Check out her beautiful designs at

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A.Marie said...

Those are absolutely the CUTEST cakes that I have ever seen! :)