Monday, October 5, 2009


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Monkey-Toes, a popular children’s shoe company known for its whimsical animal and insect themed designs, reveals its new limited line of “GLOW BUGS”, featuring glow-in-the-dark eyes on their most popular designs for Halloween and Glow-in-the-dark fun. These Limited Edition shoes, only available through October 31 are available in 6 styles.  Monkey-Toes shoes are available in toddler sizes 1-10 (ages 6 months to approx 4 ½ years).

Monkey-Toes products can be found all over the world at select specialty children’s boutiques, various online e-tailers and online at

About Monkey-Toes

Monkey-Toes, an animal and insect themed line of fashionable footwear for children, started in 2002 by single mother and entrepreneur Jenny Ford. Blossoming from a love of children and painting, Jenny designed Monkey-Toes as a stylish collection of products that appeal to parents and children alike. The Monkey-Toes line contain eleven designs: Leap Frogs (frog theme), Buzzy Bees (bumblebee theme), Little Ladies (ladybug theme), Little Piggies (pig theme), Wowie Cowie! (cow theme), Spunky Spiders (spider theme), Silly Monkeys (monkey theme), LUV bugs (pink and purple hearts -Twinkle Toes Collection) Boogie Monsters (monster theme - Teaching Toes Collection), Pound Pals (cat and dog theme - Teaching Toes Collection), and Flutterflies (butterfly theme). All Monkey-Toes tennis shoes come with springy, kid-friendly laces. Monkey-Toes products can be purchased online at and in specialty stores worldwide.

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