Monday, April 19, 2010

An Interesting Place to Shop!

fridge roll out solar lights

Here’s a place with those “As Seen on TV” gifts as well as many other interesting finds.  And at great prices too!  You may have already had some fun looking through one of their Taylor Gifts catalogs.

I tend to find myself looking for organization items when I find a store like this.  Keeping vitamins organized, things that help me organize my cabinets, etc.  This is a new one, that seems like a simple idea- a fridge roll out caddy.  Simple, yet it seems like a very useful product.  Maybe I could avoid the, “Well, did you look behind the . . .” speech from my husband with one of these.  :)  And I imagine cleaning the fridge wouldn’t be so scary if you could actually see what’s back there!

And how about their outdoor solar lights?  They have solar powered Christmas lights!  I love products that make things easy.

Stop by and take a look at


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