Thursday, June 10, 2010

Very smart idea . . . portion control bowls!


If you’re watching what you eat, here’s something that will help you with those portion sizes.  Measure Up Bowls have grooves inside that let you know the amount of food you put in.  So if you’re trying to figure out what that 3/4 cup of cereal actually looks like, just pour!

I love simple ideas that make it easy to make a change.  Not only do these bowls help me to keep track of portions, they also remind me to watch my portion size.  Keeping track helps me visualize the amounts I should be eating.  It also helps me see when I am essentially doubling the calories if I fill the ice cream any higher!

This clever idea came to Heather Harvey when she was trying to measure her portions and she wanted to save a step.  Read her weight loss story here.  She is now the proud owner of Measure Up Bowls after working hard to make her idea a reality.  More products are in the works.  Check out Measure Up Bowls for yourself at



*I have received a sample product to review.


Sheri Hubbs said...

Awesome Idea! I love it. I am a new follower and I just want to add that I LOVE your site! I hope you can come on over to my blog and follow back ;) It's:

Sheri :)

Suzie said...

What a great idea....I am so surprised someone did not come up with this sooner!!