Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get that lotion on your OWN back with Body Buddy!


It’s a little late in the summer to be telling you about this simple, yet amazing product to help you apply sunscreen, but not to worry, it has many uses year round!  We just got back from a beach vacation and the Body Buddy was a helpful companion.  It is such a simple idea and an easy way to apply sunscreen or lotion on your back. 

This summer, my son had swim lessons every day at the local pool.  Sunscreen was a must for all of us and this product made it easy for me to make sure I had it on my back too.

Read below or check out their website for the many other uses for the Body Buddy.  There are some great new products you can try out as well! 

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Meet Michelle from Body Buddy

(Entrepreneurs you should definitely read about her experiences!)

Tell us a little about you . . .

My name is Michelle Meier and I have the Body Buddy non-absorbent Lotion Applicator Band (yep what a mouthful)—it is basically an applicator BAND/strap that makes it quick and easy to apply any skin care product you want to your own back (Sunscreen, Lotion, Medication, Aloe if you didn’t have it to apply sunscreen, and I could go on. I am responsible for the small task of letting the whole world know about this one fabulous product (although there are quickly going to be more to come) It is the greatest thing since sliced bread, however it is like trying to explain what a spatula is before it was a household item—whisk would be easier- because the noun and description fall right in line with the action of the item! You know how one/you can never reach to apply lotion, sunscreen, medication, basically anything to one’s/your own back? From this moment on watch people try to get sunscreen on their back, much less reapply when you are having a moment of peace and quiet, it is really quite amusing. Well now you can!

What is your business and where can we find it?

Body Buddy Company

Is it mom-owned, invented, created . . .?

Absolutely! This handy little number is actually my mommy’s idea. Ever heard “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”? This is definitely THAT product! My mom, lovingly referred to as the Queen Mother, invented, designed, sewed, and patented the product, herself. She actually is the inventor, we work alongside my sisters and now she takes care of her grandbaby, STILL sews, and works on other product ideas.

A little about your entrepreneur journey so far?

There is not enough space on Deanna’s website for me to share “just a little” about so far. As I said earlier about the explanation of a one-of-a-kind product referring to the spatula, this is one of the most difficult things I have ever done. At first my mom was sewing them and just selling them locally, she still sews them as well as our new products, but does have help now. Then we tried going to market(s) and did we get the biggest eye opening experience of our lives. The internet has changed everything or now I should say technology has changed everything, but we were in a SEA of large companies with hundred of companies, and here we are with our one little but FABULOUS product! Thousands of people walking by thinking they know what it is!!! They would say to whomever they were speeding by our very expensive…a back scratcher, one of those thing you dry off with, a loofah, and again I could go on. And then men would stop a say I’ve got my bodybuddy and point to their wife. We did sell a few, but no one every re-ordered because—BACK to the spatula issue (pun intended) with their employee and then customers-no one knew what it was! We went home and regrouped.

I work full time and went to training for 10+weeks in the winter in PA and one of the guys in my training class said that’s it I’m sending this in to QVC and then he actually did! They were having a product search and long story very short we were chosen to be on their show Top 100 products of the decade for a Decade of Discoveries tour. I sold 2172 body buddies with 766 on back order in less than 4 minutes of my 8 minute segment (dry mouth, stage fright, and all).

Longer story even shorter—we thought this was great-ESTA ARRIVE’ We had arrived. We went to a few markets and every time we would be singled out. CBS Early Show featured us as 1 of 6 products “Beauty Products on the Way,” “Top Editor’s Picks” in Beauty, Spa, and Gift Magazines, and we were even on “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”. We met lots of friends that we still keep in touch with and I am back working full time and doing this at ohhhhh right now 4:00AM. You can find out more about us and what mistakes NOT to make on my blog

Where else can people find you?

Anything else you’d like to share?

If you have an idea. GO FOR IT. I mean absolutely go for it but do NOT quit your day job. If you have any questions feel free to email me. I have more to say on this too but I’ve already gone on too long. Oh and if any tv shows call and want to feature YOUR fabulous product on their show for a “nominal fee” so that they know your invested and believe in your idea—DO NOT DO IT! In my humble little at least $30,000 poorer self opinion! (yep that was one—we did 2, so there you go) my email is

Wishing you a moisturized back,


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