Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Gotta Laugh, What Else Can I Do?

Unfortunately, I don’t find myself with a whole lot of time these days to find and read all the interesting blogs out there, but I try.  I’m lucky enough to meet some great people through Mommy’s Idea and learn about their blogs.  So Lisa recently contacted me and her blog (I Gotta Laugh, What Else Can I Do?) had me laughing right from the start!  I thought I’d share it with you and maybe she’ll make your day start with a smile too.  :)

I gotta laugh

So here’s a snippet from a popular post of hers . . .

Breastfeeding...OMG, I Cannot Believe I'm Telling This Story

My mother has always wanted another child. Apparently five aren’t enough for her.
I know for a fact that she tried furtively well into her 50’s to become pregnant. She’s 57 now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she were still trying. No husband? No problem. She’s a social butterfly. She could make it work.

For years, my siblings and I have placed bets on what the new addition would look like. Mom doesn’t have a “type,” really. Well, I guess most of her boyfriends since Dad have had one thing in common--they’ve all been fat, intolerable a-holes--but would that be considered a “type”? Hmm…

We all just hoped our new brother or sister wouldn’t be the felon’s child. Visitation would be a sticky situation.

When my cousin Little Greg was born, my aunt and uncle accepted my mom’s offer to babysit with open arms. They needed a night out--Little Greg has always been a brat.

They came home in good spirits after dinner and a movie. Uncle Greg was wearing his characteristic shat-eating grin, and Aunt Tebbies was refreshed and revitalized. Mom greeted them with a smile and this gem: “Wow, Little Greg really likes breast milk!”

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