Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Safety Month!

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Below are results from a recent national survey that Munchkin fielded of more then 1,900 parents. 

Munchkin recently fielded a national survey of 1,500 parents and found:

  • 96% of parents listed their child’s safety as their #1 top concern as a parent; 4% listed another top concern
  • 90% of parents think about the safety of their child every single day 
  • 69% of parents understand that household accidents are a leading cause of death among children under four years of age
  • 86% of parents believe a safety gate is a must-have item for a secure home for their baby
  • 30% of parents have purchased more than three safety gates for their home
  • 45% of parents install a safety gate at the top of the steps, 43% block off the kitchen and 37% for the living/family room
  • 34% of parents leave a safety gate installed for over a year
  • 75% of parents list safety as the top feature they consider when shopping for a safety gate 

The new Munchkin Safety Gates boast innovative features including double and optional third lock mechanisms, U-shaped steel “powerframes” and spring-hinges to reduce impact on household walls. Thoughtful design touches make these gates easy to use with extra wide walk-through doorways and convenient self-closing or push-to-shut gates, and are approved for use virtually anywhere in the home. Munchkin Safety Gates incorporate attractive, design aesthetics without compromising safety, and they are available in a range of materials and finishes to meet a variety of parents’ preferences. Munchkin Safety Gates are now available at Babies “R” Us stores nationwide and will be available at additional retailers in January 2011. For more information on retailers and availability dates, please visit or

*Photo by Ramona Gaukel

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