Monday, September 13, 2010

Key Concerns for New Moms

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Playtex recently sponsored a survey that identified key concerns among first time moms. Examples of the survey results include:

  • Top Troubles: Nearly half of first-time moms (49 percent) cited gas as their top feeding problem, followed by difficulty breastfeeding (37 percent), fussiness or difficulty feeding (33 percent) and problems latching or sucking (32 percent).

  • Full of Concern: The majority of moms surveyed (70 percent) share a common concern that their baby is eating enough during feedings.

  • Hungry for Help: Moms are searching for answers and validation as they become feeding “experts” for their own baby. More than half of survey respondents (56 percent) ask feeding-related questions during their regular pediatrician appointments; with more than one in four (26 percent) doing so at every visit.

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