Friday, September 10, 2010

Website Roundup . . .

I hear about a lot of interesting sites that have some great products and services.  I thought I’d pass a few of them along and start having “Website Roundup” posts.  Today’s category is simply “Miscellaneous.”  Check these out!
Contests from Lexington Studio- Just after becoming a new mother, Sandra decided that she would paint "functional art pieces" to decorate her new son's bedroom and to preserve special memories of her baby.  Now she makes recipe boxes, customized wedding and anniversary gifts, birdhouses, and the list of practical, adorable things goes on...
Check out these great contests on her site.
“The Cutest Doodle" Contest
"Hippest Kid" Contest

dayWedding eveWedding
Pregnant? Bump up Your wardrobe for half the price: Rent maternity dresses for that special occassion.  What a great idea- instead of spending a lot of money to wear it once, now you can rent it!  “Brilliant thing of the day: Netflix for maternity dresses." -New York Times Reporter Jodi Kantor on Twitter

For those in the maternity industry- Free subscription to the new trade magazine dedicated to the maternity trade industry.  This quarterly print publication will cover the trends seasonally providing "the retailers' complete perspective of the market".  To subscribe, take a minute to sign up at

Planning for College- Gerber Life Start Smart College Plan. It’s an alternative plan that will allow parents to save for their children’s education by making affordable monthly payments. Its main advantage over traditional 529  plans is that the payment is guaranteed – no need to worry about interest rate fluctuation or market volatility. You can learn more about the Start Smart College Plan here

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Diaper Girl said...

This is certainly worth looking at - so many of us have our babies and think that college is so far off that its not worth worrying about yet. But it comes around frighteningly fast and the earlier you start to prepare the better.