Monday, October 11, 2010

Working Mums, This is the Site for You!

As the “Mum” in the title might suggest, this is a great site for our UK Moms looking for job leads and advice.  You’ll find links to jobs, advice & support, franchises, and WM Magazine.  Want even more?  Head over to the WM blogs to join in the discussion!

If you’re interested in getting some job advice or in working from home, this site might just might be the right place to start.  As I brought up the main job screen, it tells me there are 1373 jobs currently available.  You can then narrow your search by choosing whether you want a temporary or permanent position, full or part time, the industry, and the location.  You can also search jobs by the latest jobs, featured jobs, and top employers.  Register with the site and you’ll be able to receive job alerts based on your criteria.

You can then head over to “Advice & Support” for a whole section on advice for working mums.  Today’s top story is an Ask the Expert section on holiday pay for contractors.  The Q & A section lets you ask questions and get answers, or read what others are asking about.  You’ll also find the Career Toolkit, giving you advice on “How to Boost Your Confidence” and “Going Back to Work.”  Career Advice gives you more Ask the Expert answers and top tips on work issues.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at  It’s a working mum’s toolkit to get you started or help you along.  Good luck!


*This is a sponsored post.

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