Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide

Many of you are probably out shopping this Black Friday or shopping online and avoiding all those crowds.  Here are just a few of my favorite things that would all make great Christmas gifts!  You can also check our "Thank you to our sponsors" list on the left or old posts for some unique gift ideas.  I’ve included some links to one of my favorite places to shop.  :)
Cloud b Sleep Sheep On The Go - Travel Sound Machine with Four Soothing SoundsCloud b- I just LOVE their products.  We have used the Sleep Sheep on the Go with both kids and have given away many of them as gifts when new babies arrive.  We also love the Twilight Turtle that projects stars on the ceiling.  You can find them at retail stores as well as sites like

Dynamic Frames- These frames open easily from the side so you can change pictures or artwork as often as you like!  They’ve been having a special of the week, so be sure to check that out.  I absolutely love these frames and they make a great gift!

Li'l Davinci Art Gallery - 3 pc setUse code df15 for 15% off one regular priced item.
Dynamic Artwork Frame - Medium (Available here at Amazon, but you can't use the code.  Click here for their website.)

Dapper Snappers- Keep your kids’ pants up when the waist is just a little too big.  These are so easy to use and they work great!

Choose any 3 single Dapper Snappers and pay only $26.95.  Save $5.90.  Use code: BFJiCpick3
Choose any 6 and pay only $49.95.  Save $15.75.  Use code: BFJicpick6
Black Friday special ends 11/30/10

Dapper Snapper Baby & Toddler Adjustable Belt 3 Pack ~ Black, Navy & Beige (Available at Amazon and you don't need the code.)

They even have some new items . . .
NEW Dapper Snappers Clips - No Belt loops? No Problems!
NEW Dapper Snappers for Moms From Miss to Maternity to Momhood
NEW Dapper Snappers for Mittens Don't lose your mittens!
NEW Patterned Original Dapper Snappers too!

Vicks Starry Night - White/Blue 
Starry Night Humidifier- Check this one out for the little ones on your list!  It projects stars on the ceiling and they change color too!  You can also add a menthol stick inside which fills up the room to help with congestion.

GiftCard.logGet Buttoned Up- This site has some great products to help that special someone get organized.  The gift card organizer would go great with a gift card inside or even on it’s own! 

Black Friday special- 20% off the entire site!  Use code 20off

Happy Shopping to you!

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This humidifier is awesome. I love that it has the option of either warm or cool mist. When my husband or I use it, we prefer the warm mist, but the cool mist option is perfect for the baby's nursery. Most humidifiers that I have seen only do warm or cool, but not both. It's a great size, not obtrusive in our bedroom or the nursery. I haven't used oils in it yet but I'm excited to try

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