Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Full Circle Natural Cleaning Products

Here’s a great gift idea for those on your list that love to be in the kitchen.  And if they love eco-friendly products, it’s even more perfect.
We use natural cleaning products.  I couldn’t believe the difference with the lack of a chemical smell and the simply natural clean when we switched.  Now, here’s a way to go even more green with your cleaning products!  Full Circle’s line of stylish, functional, and durable products are made from sustainable and renewable resources.  Many of them are even biodegradable!  I had the chance to try out a few of their fantastic products and I love them!  The Stick ‘em magnetic kitchen towel is made from bamboo and cotton and sticks to your fridge or other magnetic surface.  It is so incredibly soft.  Their Scoop Sponges are 100% biodegradable and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher or by boiling.  And some of their products, like the Ring Vegetable Brush, are made of bamboo, along with other natural and recycled materials.  Their Reach Bottle Brush cleans inside and outside the bottle (or sippy cups and water bottles!) easily and is made from recycled materials. 
A few words from the company . . .
“When choosing any material that goes into Full Circle products, we ask ourselves two questions—where does it come from and where will it go?

By creating products with naturally occurring materials, such as bamboo, cellulose and loofah, we know what will happen when those materials are eventually composted. They will break down into—you guessed it—smaller pieces of bamboo, cellulose and loofah, which will fully biodegrade.

Of course, we also want Full Circle products to do a great job in your home (since they are, after all, cleaning tools) so every product we make has to perform well and be extremely durable. “
Click here for a list of places you can buy Full Circle products!
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