Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Win a HALO Cotton Sleep Sack!

I love HALO Sleep Sacks because they are easy to use and I always knew my little one was all set for bedtime. They look so comfy and cozy in them too.  HALO is giving away a cotton Sleep Sack to one lucky Mommy’s Idea reader.

(More info on safe sleep for babies below!)

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Mommy's Idea: Win a HALO Cotton Sleep Sack! http://bit.ly/sezGjP #giveaway

Open to residents of the US and Canada.
Contest ends at 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

Hip Dysplasia is one of the most common conditions among newborn babies, affecting about 1% of North American newborns (about 75,000 per year). According to a recent survey conducted by HALO Innovations, 82% of parents choose to swaddle, and swaddling improperly can lead to Hip Dysplasia or dislocation. Treatment ranges from wearing a harness or brace to undergoing surgery. These condistions can get worse with age and are linked to early adult arthritis and hip-replacement surgery.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging Pediatricians to watch for signs of hip dysplasia and dislocation and to warn parents not to extend their baby’s frog-like legs straight when swaddling. There’s a temptation to stretch the legs out and that needs to be resisted. They need to be able to straighten themselves out naturally and gradually. Parents should allow for room in the swaddle – or sleepsack – for baby to bend at the hips.

Dr. Charles Price, Director of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, has recorded the following video about Hip Dysplasia and how to swaddle safely. http://www.youtube.com/halosleepsack#p/u/5/j5M6FK3f0PI

Dr. Tanya Altmann, Pediatrician and Mother, provides tips for swaddling safely in this video, specifically about avoiding suffocation. http://www.youtube.com/halosleepsack#p/u/4/gOTGuUJmMk8

HALO’s SleepSacks and Swaddles are the only products on the market approved “hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Latest Etsy Discovery

For those of you who love handmade items with that personal touch, etsy.com just might be the place for you.  If you haven’t heard of it until now, be prepared for some shopping.  :)


My daughter has three dolls that absolutely must go everywhere with her.  While we can convince her to keep a couple of them home when we go out, they still go upstairs for naps and bedtime, and downstairs for the rest of the day.  Three babies, along with her favorite blanket, and whatever else needs to go downstairs, gets to be a little much to carry.  So, I went in search of a baby bed/basket for the babies. 

I found such a cute basket, although I was looking for something in a more pink/purple print.  Spring Rain Dreams came through for me, with this beautiful baby bed!


The quality is great and it is the perfect size.  I just love the cute little coordinating pillow and blanket too.  She is going to love it.

Spring Rain Dreams has more products coming soon, so be sure to check back often.

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Great Place to Shop for the Holidays!

I recently learned about an online store called Red Envelope and I had the chance to give them a try.  Their tagline says, “unique and personalized gifts” and they deliver on the promise.

I decided on the cubist chip and dip set when I went shopping at Red Envelope and I am very happy with the experience and the product.  The website is easy to navigate and it’s simple to find what you’re looking for.  Of course, if you’re just browsing, that’s fun too.  :)BW_11_GEN_DE400048_W1_RC

This particular set came in handy during Thanksgiving dinner.  Or more specifically, during appetizer munching time!  While there are a bunch of configurations you can make with the glass bowls, we put ice in the bottom of the big dish and put the two smaller bowls on top so they could stay cold.  We put homemade hot pepper jelly in one, with pita chips on one side, and homemade salsa in the other, with tortilla chips on the other side.  (Thanks Mom!)  It worked out great and looked nice on the table.


I love that you can also shop by occasion on the website and that there are plenty of choices for personalized gifts, like scarves, jewelry, and Christmas stockings.

Black Friday deals are going on now through Monday!  Have fun shopping!



*I received a product to review. Opinions are always my own.

Monday, November 14, 2011

So Much to Do Online


I’m pretty good with computers.  My toddlers know how to run a computer.  My husband does it for a living.  My parents, who think they don’t know what they’re doing, are actually ahead of the game for their generation.  But sometimes, I can’t believe how much there really is to do online.

We can pay bills, watch videos, send e-mails, go shopping, and play games.  We can get organized, plan a get together, and chat with friends that are hundreds of miles away.  Everything is built right into new computers these days too.  Web cams make it easy to Skype and the SD card slot is one of my favorite conveniences.  Whether you’re watching the latest sales or playing bingo online, you probably have your own set of favorite things to do when you’re tapping away on your keyboard.

Right now, it’s holiday shopping for me.  I love the daily e-mails that keep me up on all the sales and of course, there are plenty of ipod apps that are super helpful as well.  And while I’m not someone who shops six months ahead of time, I do like to get everything done before the holiday rush.  Stay tuned for some products you might want to put on your list and sites that will help you find those great gifts!



*This is a sponsored post, but opinions are always my own.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are You Ready for Halloween?

Whether you’re super organized or a last minute shopper, you’ve probably been getting ready for Halloween.  Time to decorate the yard, buy the candy, and find the perfect costumes for your little ones.  The really little ones let you dress them up in pretty much anything.  When they’re a little older, they may not like things on their heads or the frilly little dresses you want to buy.  Pre-school age means they have their own opinions of what they want to be.  After that, well, I’m not there yet.

My son decided he wants to be an astronaut, both as a career and for Halloween.  So I went in search of an astronaut costume.  He chose the orange one and also wanted a pair of astronaut boots to go with it.  Now he’s all ready to begin his adventure toward working for NASA.  And until he gets his official outfit, this will work great.


The astronaut boots came quickly from Costume Discounters and my son wanted to put them on right away.  They’re designed to fit over your child’s sneakers, with elastic straps on the bottom to hold them on.  This works well for us, since there’s a good chance it will either be rainy or wet when it’s time to go out trick-or-treating.  They’re good quality- for Halloween purposes, probably not for official NASA business Smile- and they make the outfit complete.  There’s also an astronaut backpack, helmet, and gloves if you want to go all out! 

Whatever you’re looking for, you will probably find it at Costume Discounters.  And if you have no idea what you’re looking for, this is a great place to start and get some inspiration! 


*I received a product to review.  Opinions are always my own.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time for Halloween Costumes!

It’s that time of year again- time to pick out those Halloween costumes!  Some parents have been ready to dress their little ones up for months now and kids everywhere are deciding what they want to be for Halloween.  So, whether you’re excited to find that little princess dress or you have your own party to get ready for, Dressy Costumes has what you’re looking for and they have it at a great price!

belleObi Wan Kenobi

Their Mega Sale is going on now with costumes up to 70% off, with no sales tax, and free shipping on orders $89 and above.  They also offer free exchanges, with free shipping both ways.  Wow.


Have fun shopping.  Smile


*I received a product to review.  Opinions are always my own.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Zzzz . . . Snore . . . Snore


I love to sleep.  BK, that’s before kids, everyone knew not to call me before noon on Sundays, especially in college.  Then it was eleven, then ten, now, um, seven-ish.  Although I have to say that hubby lets me sleep in on most Sundays.  And every extra minute is so wonderful.

I’ve always been a night owl and these days there are lots of things that keep me up at night anyway: winding down from a crazy day, playing on the computer, that book I want to finish, kids waking up, and well, someone snoring.  Can anyone relate?


Perhaps my favorite are the times that I gently nudge him and say, “You’re snoring” and the response I get is something like this, “I’m not snoring.  It was you.”  Me, wide-awake-me.  Yeah, no.

My usual method is pulling on the sheets or a push with just enough force to halt the snoring for a few minutes.  We’ve tried nasal strips- great for opening the nasal passages by the way- but they only seemed to lessen the snoring, not send it off to Never land.  So, one of the things I might end up doing on a snore-filled night is researching information on snoring.  And then chatting with whoever else is still up and on facebook.  Smile 


*This is a sponsored post, but opinions are always my own.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Just a quick note to wish everyone beautiful summer days filled with family, friends, good books, lemonade, ice cream, and whatever else makes you smile.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest Post from Learning-aids.com

Lisa Harp has developed an at-home system to help enhance the building blocks of learning.  Below is a guest post from www.learning-aids.com.


Dealing with a Learning Problem? You May Need a New Approach.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.   Einstein coined this phrase, and it holds true now more than ever, especially when referring to academic success and how we help those students who are struggling to learn.

Traditional approaches to solving learning problems will take a student who has been in a classroom all day, a fatigued learner, who is not able to learn with methods being taught, and try to teach that student more of what didn’t work all day.  This is insane!  For progress to be made, the student needs to be taught in a different way.

Piling on more academics when dealing with a student who is not performing well academically can be a recipe for disaster.

The solution is neuro-sensory educational therapy (NSET).  NSET takes students back to the very basic level of learning – gross motor skills. Skills that may not have been formed in development. The NSET program is now available as a program you can do at home with your child. The system is very easy to follow and highly effective at correcting learning problems. You can find the complete system at http://www.learning-aids.com

Babies are not born hard wired for every task.  They wire their brains as they develop. Tasks that cross the vertical midline (crawling) are what helps them develop. Developing  gross motor skills is the first and most necessary step that needs to take place to build a proper learning foundation for students. This is what may have been missed and without it learning success is nearly impossible.

NSET first develops gross motor skills and once those skills are in place, NSET moves the student into the visual level.  75-90 percent of what we take in is visual, so this is a very important step in the learning success.  NSET works students on visual processing skills as well as eye tracking, visual closure, visual discrimination, visual memory, and visual motor integration.  These skills are vitally important for students to be able to read, write, spell, and perform basic mathematical operations.  Yet, students are rarely taught these skills with traditional approaches.  Instead, they are fed another dose of academics.

NSET breaks the academics down into smaller pieces and slowly build up the learning foundation.

Next, NSET takes the student into an auditory level.  So many students struggle to hear correctly or fail to filter out extraneous information.  It is extremely important for a student to be able to hear sounds correctly to read, write, and spell.   Students work on auditory discrimination, auditory closure, auditory memory, auditory processing, and basic following of directions to prepare students academically as well as to sit in a classroom and listen and correctly process a teacher’s lecture.

As an added bonus, focusing skills will come into play naturally once the student’s visual and auditory skills are in place. Many students are misdiagnosed as having ADD, when in fact they are struggling to focus because of distractions in their environment or weak learning systems.  It is hard to focus if you can’t tune out background noises or if the letters on your pages are wiggling and not holding still.

While working with the student’s sensory learning systems, it’s important to also incorporate brain retraining activities that help the student strengthen the communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain as well as build new neural pathways in the brain.  This is a specific, step by step process where basic skills such as eye tracking are strengthened and slowly multi-step thinking and processing skills are attained.

Although this approach is not traditional in the sense that it is not a dose of more academics, this method of helping students overcome learning differences has been used successfully for almost 15 years.  Students who have failed to learn with other approaches find success, usually within 12 to 18 months with consistent application.  And, there is nothing better than watching a student go from failure to success, both academically and in life.

Whether you are concerned about a minor learning difference or you are dealing with something more serious such as needing treatment for dysgraphia (trouble with writing),  Dyscalculia Treatment (Like dyslexia for math), or dyslexia treatment NSET might be just what you are looking for. You can find lots more information at http://www.learning-aids.com


Information given and opinions expressed above are from the guest blogger.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reverse the Summer Brain Drain

School Zone recently launched their new Start to Read! leveled reading program for early learners.  I had a chance to try out the level 1 set with my son, who loves books and loves learning to read.  The books are simple, with repetitive text, yet the stories are cute and funny.  The CD gives you the option of listening to the stories with our without the page turning cue.  I’m all for programs that help children learn to enjoy reading!  Read below for more info.

From the company- The updated sequence-based series, which consists of storybooks and complementary materials across three progressive reading levels, is designed to build a solid literary foundation for any child while teaching kids that reading is fun!

The multi-component Start to Read! Program uses a tried and true, 3-step approach to reading: listen, read, review. The 6-book set for each level contains five beginning reader books, a read-along and songs CD, a comprehension workbook and a parent guide. Each of the components provides children with a fun learning experience while working together to teach budding bookworms – as young as four – to read successfully. In addition to teaching basic reading concepts, the three-level series also accelerates learning and develops reading skills and vocabulary.

Level 1 books are designed for emergent readers, ages 4-6, and have limited vocabulary – each book introduces between 9 and 50 words. Utilizing short, one-line sentences, the titles in level 1 provide simple picture clues that significantly support the text.

The five titles in the Level 2 collection feature brief stories that introduce controlled vocabulary, simple sentence patterns and rhyming words and are designed for children ages 5-7. Picture clues provide considerable support for the test. Each book presents the reader with 50-70 new words.

Level 3 features stories with the most new words and vocabulary and are aimed at readers ages 6-7. Many of the words can be read by changing the initial sound (rumbled-tumbled) or by rhyming with a known word (before-roar). Children should learn approximately 45-150 new words with each book.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

· Memorable stories and characters

· 3-step approach to reading

· Comprehension workbook activities

· Story narration on audio CD

· Whimsical, age-appropriate songs

All products are available from www.schoolzone.com.


* I received a product to review.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cubbie Cup

cubbie cup

I’ve tried out a lot of unique things on Mommy’s Idea and I love when the idea for the product comes from a mom in need of a solution.  The Cubbie Cup is a snack cup and sippy cup that are together in one piece.  So when the kids need a snack and a drink, it’s easy to keep everything together, especially on the go.  My son loves it and will ask for it when it’s snack time.  Get your own at http://www.cubbiecup.com/!

From the Cubbie Cup website-

“Cubbie Cup is the ultimate combination of a sippy cup and a snack cup! Cubbie Cup was "born" on a crisp fall afternoon as I was driving home with my toddler. I watched her drink from a sippy cup, throw it on the floor, and start to eat her snacks. A moment later, she wanted her sippy cup again, but it was on the floor...and I was driving. Explaining to a toddler why mommy can't stop in the middle of traffic to retrieve a sippy cup doesn't go over so well! As soon as I got home, I drew the first sketch of what is now known as the Cubbie Cup!

No longer do we juggle multiple cups! I literally feel "off-duty" during snack time! When you are relaxing at home, taking trips to the mall or the park, Cubbie Cup is a snack time necessity! I hope your family enjoys it as much as we do!”


Tiara Henderson, Parent & CEO

Parent Perfected, LLC


* I received a product to review.

Fusion Pilates


Meet Jennifer from Fusion Pilates!

Tell us a little about you . . .

My name is Jennifer Gianni. I've been in the mind/body field for over 20 years. My specialty is fitness for pre and post natal women. (details, celebrity clients and press at: http://www.fusionpilatesasheville.com/jennifer.php)

What is your business and where can we find it?

My fitness DVD business is called Fusion Pilates. We offer exercise dvds at www.fusionpilates.com. I also own and direct a Pilates studio in Asheville, NC (www.fusionpilatesasheville.com)

Is it mom-owned, invented, created . . .?

It is! I had no aspiration to start making exercise dvds. But when I became pregnant with my first child - I suddenly realized that there was not a lot of good information about fitness for pregnant women. And I wasn't sure I could trust the info that was out there. So - I did tons and tons of research, I collaborated with doctors and doulas, and experimented with many different ideas that were both safe and effective. This is how I created Fusion Pilates for Pregnancy. I started teaching that at my studio in Los Angeles, CA - and a pregnant client who was going out of town begged me to make a little video for her to take with her. I did - and that grew into what is now Fusion Pilates DVDs.

A little about your entrepreneur journey so far?

For me, the creative part of entrepreneurship is what I enjoy. Coming up with ideas that might be helpful for other people. If the idea is good - the business part seems to take care of itself.

Where else can people find you?

Our DVD's are available at www.fusionpilates.com. We are also on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fusion-Pilates-Asheville/51272186445

Anything else you’d like to share?

I guess the biggest thing we try to put out there is the fact that I created my program for myself when I was searching for a way to stay in shape effectively - but most importantly - safely. Pregnancy can be a stressful time - so it's great to have a workout you don't need to worry about!


* I received a product to review.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Letters, Sounds, and Words- Learning to Read


Learning to read is exciting for children and parents, although difficulties with reading can also be quite frustrating.  As parents, we need to remember that kids begin the process of reading long before they enter school.  They listen to others speak and repeat the sounds as they learn to talk.  They learn about letters and see words everywhere they turn.  All of these are components in building a strong base from which they can move on to more complicated tasks.

Educational jargon can be confusing- you’ll hear the terms phonics, letter recognition, and sight words.  You’ll be given suggestions on how to increase retention and improve phonological awareness.  It may be overwhelming at times, but your child’s teacher is there to help and there are some fantastic resources available online.

What we want children to understand is that letters represent sounds and those letters join together to form words.  Reading aloud to your children is important and gives them the opportunity to see reading modeled by an adult.  It’s also important to provide what we call a “literature rich environment,” which means that they are surrounded by words, text, and books, long before they learn to read. Your local library is a great resource.

As children become more independent as readers, we want to encourage their independence in figuring out words and understanding stories.  Asking questions is one of the best things you can do to help your child, even if he isn’t reading on his own yet.

Have fun with it and explore stories and topics that will stretch your child’s imagination!


*This is a sponsored post, but opinions are always my own.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Little Gripper Cup


This is a great sippy cup.  It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and has easy to grip handles.  The best part is how easy it closes.  Just slide the top closed and the straw folds down!

Visit www.Playtexbaby.com to learn more about the First Lil’ Gripper™ Straw Trainer Cup.


Sippy Cup Dos…and Some Helpful Don’ts!

By Dr. Bill Sears

Are you thinking it may be time to say bye-bye to bottles?  (They do grow up so quickly!) Expert pediatrician Dr. Bill Sears and Playtex have some tips and cups you’re sure to love—specially created for this exciting stage of baby’s development. If you’re considering a cup, consider this:

  1. Do enjoy this wonderful milestone with your baby who will proudly master a cup at her own pace.
  1. Don’t be in a hurry. Wait until baby can sit up and hold an object with both hands — usually between 6 to 10 months.
  1. Do choose a first cup with easy-to-grasp handles and a soft spout that’s gentle on baby’s sensitive gums — like the Playtex® The First Sipster® cup, designed with a feeding specialist and pediatrician.
  1. Do make it fun for your baby by playing a little game. Sit face to face with him and place an empty cup within his reach. Drink from your cup and see if he grabs his sippy to mimic your actions.
  1. Do consider a cup that your child can hold and control easily and can help them transition from bottle to cup. The First Lil’ Gripper™ Straw Trainer Cup was designed with a child development expert for just this purpose. This easy-to-use cup helps moms teach their babies how to suck and drink from a straw. It’s ergonomically designed with easy grip handles for little hands and also has a squeezing feature, such that a parent can squeeze, but a child could not easily do so.
  1. Don’t overfill the cup when baby is first learning to use it. Start by adding water or diluted juice into the cup only to about one quarter-full until baby’s skills mature.
  1. Don’t worry about spills or leaks as babies graduate from trainer cups. With the Playtex® Twist ‘N Click lid — you’ll see and hear it click closed — and you’ll know it’s Leak-Proof Guaranteed!
  1. Do enjoy every moment of your baby’s newly blossoming independence as he makes his way up to the big-kid cups.

Friday, June 17, 2011

MeSoap- Help Save Lives!

A good friend recently got involved in a GREAT cause- getting soap and clean water to those in need- and started MeSoap.


Please check them out at www.soapsaves.com and like them on facebook

“Your support through purchasing MeSoap products allows us to not only provide soap, but to train communities in the proper hygiene that will ultimately save lives.”

“For every bar of MeSoap you purchase we will donate one to a child in need.”

“While testing out a few ideas we surprisingly discovered that the biggest need in our world is access to clean water and soap, and that these items could save and improve the lives of more people than medicines, doctors or peace treaties. Something so simple. It still amazes me.” –Mike, Co-Founder

“What it comes down to is, the world sanitation problem is gut-wrenching, but 100% reversible, and we have the skills and drive to fix it.” –Garth, Co-Founder

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

I write for apples

Alright, this one’s pretty easy.  I need some followers for my new blog, so all you have to do is . . .

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Contest ends at 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, June 29, 2011.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Win an e-reader Cover!

After I got my Nook Color, I was searching and searching for the perfect cover.  I like to have things that are unique and suited to my style and personality whenever I can find them.  So I was very happy to find the BDoodles shop on etsy.com!  She made me a custom cover and shipped it quickly. 

nook covernook cover 2

When I decided I wanted a new laptop bag too, I contacted BDoodles and asked if she could make a bag to match my new Nook Cover.  Not only did she make it match, she added a couple extra pockets and a key hook for me.  I absolutely love this one too! 

Win an e-reader cover below, or head on over and get one now!

Here’s how to enter . . .
1.  Visit the BDoodles etsy site.
2.  Come back and leave a comment telling us which cover you would pick or what reader you need it for. (1 entry- mandatory)
3. Be sure to leave your e-mail if you don't have a blogger ID.  Bloggers- you must have a public profile and listed e-mail for us to find you.

Bonus entries!  (Current subscribers can join in the fun too.)
Please leave a separate comment for each entry

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Mommy's Idea: Win an e-reader cover!  http://bit.ly/ktpQUA #giveaway

Open to residents of the US and Canada.

Contest ends at 11:59 PM EST on Monday, June 21, 2011.

*I received a discounted product to review.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crafts for Kids


*Photo by omster-com.

I love to do creative things like taking pictures, scrapbooking, and playing around with images.  I’m also a teacher, so you would think that this mix would give me a head start when it comes to crafts, but it doesn’t.  It would be nice to have more of a knack for doing crafts with my kids, but I love that my son gets to do all of that at preschool and comes home with a nice complete craft that I didn’t have to come up with or cut supplies for.  I will admit I love painting with the kids and if it wasn’t for the mess, I’d love it even more.  So my plan is to start by attempting some simple crafts and working my way up from there.

There are some great ideas in the magazines we get and I also love sites that give easy crafts and activities.  Then there’s finding the craft supplies.  Local craft stores are one way to go, but I’m always up for the nice convenient option of ordering online, like at factorydirectcraft.com.  If you’re one of those parents that love to do crafts (good for you and your creative energies!) you’re probably always looking for kids craft supplies.  I would guess that having a good supply of them means that you can come up with a craft project easily like you would a new recipe. 

So I could use a little help here.  Any ideas for some simple and fun projects?  What websites do you like to use for craft ideas?  What supplies should I always have on hand?


*This is a partnered post.  Opinions are always my own!