Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My FAVORITE Planner from Chaos Simplified

chaos simplified 2011
This planner is so great and it actually helps keep me organized.  That’s saying a lot.  I started the year with another planner that I had been given and I contacted Corri to tell her that I could no longer use anything but this one! 
planner 2011
My favorite feature is that you can see the month and week at a glance at the same time.  This is possible because of a unique half page format that is used for the weeks.  The little notes on the side for “Things to do” and “Phone calls to make” help me make a list to check off for the week.  Then every day I can take a couple of things from the lists and put them as “Today’s priority.”  There’s even room for a supper plan. 
planner 3
This year they added a pocket at the beginning of each month which I’ve already started using and there are some great pages to start off each month with goals, plans, important dates, etc.
It’s available for $38.95 plus shipping.  It is worth every penny.   75 cents a week to stay organized and sane?  Yes, that’s a good deal.  :)

Head on over to and get your very own!

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