Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crafts for Kids


*Photo by omster-com.

I love to do creative things like taking pictures, scrapbooking, and playing around with images.  I’m also a teacher, so you would think that this mix would give me a head start when it comes to crafts, but it doesn’t.  It would be nice to have more of a knack for doing crafts with my kids, but I love that my son gets to do all of that at preschool and comes home with a nice complete craft that I didn’t have to come up with or cut supplies for.  I will admit I love painting with the kids and if it wasn’t for the mess, I’d love it even more.  So my plan is to start by attempting some simple crafts and working my way up from there.

There are some great ideas in the magazines we get and I also love sites that give easy crafts and activities.  Then there’s finding the craft supplies.  Local craft stores are one way to go, but I’m always up for the nice convenient option of ordering online, like at factorydirectcraft.com.  If you’re one of those parents that love to do crafts (good for you and your creative energies!) you’re probably always looking for kids craft supplies.  I would guess that having a good supply of them means that you can come up with a craft project easily like you would a new recipe. 

So I could use a little help here.  Any ideas for some simple and fun projects?  What websites do you like to use for craft ideas?  What supplies should I always have on hand?


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Monday, May 23, 2011

What if Your Job Encouraged a Healthy Lifestyle?


*photo by Karl92

We all know how important it is to eat healthy, drink lots of water, and get plenty of exercise.  Way too often, work seems to get in the way of that.  Whether you’re inside all day or you work long hours, sometimes just the thought of going to the gym or going for a run is enough to make you exhausted.  But there are ways to fit in a healthy lifestyle, from bringing a healthy lunch to work to going for a bike ride with the kids. 

I always find it interesting when I hear about companies that help promote a healthy lifestyle, especially when they actually give you the time and the tools you need to do it.  And if they encourage you along the way, that’s even better.  So when I heard about Infinity DISH, I thought I’d share their story.  According to the company, they “strive to achieve an active workforce that won’t be confined to their desks at work!”  You may know them from the DISH packages you see advertised, but here’s something unique about their work environment.

They’ve started a wellness program and started focusing on the well-being of their employees.  They are currently partnering with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, where a team of experts will provide training to employees who would like to participate in the 5K event.  And they’ll be raising money for a great cause too!  Employees can also get discounted health club rates. 

Hopefully other companies will follow suit and help give everyone a way to find a healthy balance between work, health, and home.


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Are We There Yet? Win an ID tag!

giraffepillowbackpack are we there yetid tag 2
My kids loved trying out their new “Are We There Yet?” characters from Aurora World Inc.  My son loves his comfy giraffe neck rest and it really came in handy when he fell asleep in the car the other day.  Plus, it’s super cute!  My daughter tried out the Panda backpack and I’m not kidding, she didn’t take it off all day!  It’s not actually a backpack you can put things in, it’s a plush animal that attaches to a strap to keep track of your little one.  I know there is sometimes a debate about these, and before I was a parent I wasn’t sure why you’d need to do that.  Now that I have a little one that is off in a flash, this is not only fun for her, but really could be helpful at a busy place.
“The “Are We There Yet” line features plush toys, backpacks, neck rests and “My Name Is” ID tags – the line is based on Aurora’s popular monkey character Cheeky Charlie and his jungle buddies. “
Check out all they have to offer at the Aurora website at www.auroragift.com, go shopping at http://shop.auroragift.com, and join their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/auroraworld.  Look for the Cheeky Charlie Collection.
id tag
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is your little one ready for ballet classes?

Is your little one ready for ballet classes?

Little kids LOVE to dance when they hear music. It’s absolutely a joy to watch them bounce, laugh and move to their favorite music. Are you wondering if it’s time to sign them up for real dance classes? Learn more about what the right age is to start ballet, and all about the right ballet shoes for toddlers at Best Ballet Shoes.
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