Friday, June 17, 2011

MeSoap- Help Save Lives!

A good friend recently got involved in a GREAT cause- getting soap and clean water to those in need- and started MeSoap.


Please check them out at and like them on facebook

“Your support through purchasing MeSoap products allows us to not only provide soap, but to train communities in the proper hygiene that will ultimately save lives.”

“For every bar of MeSoap you purchase we will donate one to a child in need.”

“While testing out a few ideas we surprisingly discovered that the biggest need in our world is access to clean water and soap, and that these items could save and improve the lives of more people than medicines, doctors or peace treaties. Something so simple. It still amazes me.” –Mike, Co-Founder

“What it comes down to is, the world sanitation problem is gut-wrenching, but 100% reversible, and we have the skills and drive to fix it.” –Garth, Co-Founder

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