Friday, July 29, 2011

Zzzz . . . Snore . . . Snore


I love to sleep.  BK, that’s before kids, everyone knew not to call me before noon on Sundays, especially in college.  Then it was eleven, then ten, now, um, seven-ish.  Although I have to say that hubby lets me sleep in on most Sundays.  And every extra minute is so wonderful.

I’ve always been a night owl and these days there are lots of things that keep me up at night anyway: winding down from a crazy day, playing on the computer, that book I want to finish, kids waking up, and well, someone snoring.  Can anyone relate?


Perhaps my favorite are the times that I gently nudge him and say, “You’re snoring” and the response I get is something like this, “I’m not snoring.  It was you.”  Me, wide-awake-me.  Yeah, no.

My usual method is pulling on the sheets or a push with just enough force to halt the snoring for a few minutes.  We’ve tried nasal strips- great for opening the nasal passages by the way- but they only seemed to lessen the snoring, not send it off to Never land.  So, one of the things I might end up doing on a snore-filled night is researching information on snoring.  And then chatting with whoever else is still up and on facebook.  Smile 


*This is a sponsored post, but opinions are always my own.

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