Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pro Flowers

I discovered Pro Flowers years ago and was thrilled to find an affordable way to send beautiful flowers. I was a little unsure of how it would work, since it comes in a box, but the friend I sent them to called immediately to tell me they were beautiful and easy to get ready.


I recently ordered a Christmas bouquet from Pro Flowers and planned accordingly to have it sent on a day that would give me time before, during, and after the holiday to enjoy it. It arrived right on schedule in a nice sturdy box. The flowers come wrapped and with this order I picked a pretty red vase for them to go in.


The directions are clear and easy to follow. For this bouquet, I simply had to add the flower food packet to the water, cut the stems an inch, and put the whole thing in water for two hours. After the stems had their drink of water, I cut off the wrapping.


And this is what I had a day later. Beautiful red tulips and white lilies.  They still have some blooming to do, and by Christmas, I’m sure they’ll be even more spectacular. And of course, the kitchen now smells amazing. :)

So if you’re looking to send flowers or another surprise (they have goodies like chocolate covered strawberries too!) be sure to check out Pro Flowers and have a look around. Coupon codes can be found here or with a Google search for terms like “Pro Flowers discounts” or “Pro Flowers coupon code”. Have fun!


*I received a product for review, but opinions are always my own.


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